Students’ Savings

This student is eating great and saving money!

James Madison University junior Lauren Delmerico spends time looking at coupons and sales before she goes out for groceries so she can get the best deals.

“I know that some stores have cheaper produce than others and I have bonus cards and coupons as well,” says Delmerico. “The other day I was able to get everything I needed (from three different stores) all for $16 and that was worth it.”

Delmerico says she goes to Martin’s Foods where she is a bonus card member and receives extra savings from them on certain purchases. She even adds up points with the card to save money on gas. Talk about a smart shopper!

Delmerico compares prices between Martin’s, Wal-Mart, and Food Lion and picks what she’s going to get at each one.

While most students choose to go the route of buying foods that are the cheapest and taste great, but aren’t necessarily good for us, there are students concerned about their diet and their wallet.

Rather than springing for the cheapest foods she can find like he typical college food staples of Ramen and Mac and Cheese, Lauren Delmerico buys fresh fruit and produce and doesn’t spend a fortune getting them.

It’s important for us broke college students to not only save our precious funds, but save our health by not overindulging in fatty andand carb-filled foods. Learn from super saver Lauren and get a Martin’s bonus card and keep your eye out for great deals on great food.


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