Never be without a deal!

If you could have coupons sent straight to your phone for deals at the dining halls around JMU’s campus, would you sign up for it? I know I would!

And that’s just what I did when I heard about the JMU Dining mobile club. Don’t worry, the club’s not exclusive. Anyone can sign up! All you have to do is text JMUDining to 65374. Simple as that.

Once you’ve sent the text, you’ll be able to receive special deals and coupons sent directly to your phone for food on campus.

My first text from the JMU Dining mobile club went as followed…

“It’s Thirsty Thursday at Market One. Get any 44oz. fountain drink for just 99 cents!”

Sounds like a great deal to me! All I had to do was fill up my cup (with some delicious sweet tea), show the text to the cashier to get the reduced price, and then I was on my way to class fully hydrated.

Can’t wait to see the next deal that the JMU Dining mobile club sends me!


And now I’d like to abruptly segue into another way that you can get access to deals in the Harrisonburg area. Because c’mon, who doesn’t like to save money?!

The site is called

Seriously, it’s great. The site it filled with a ridiculously high amount of printable coupons. With 10,000 awesome deals on it, it is definitely something worth taking advantage of.

You can find coupons for your area by just typing it in the search bar. And with 102 cities and 342 universities, you’re bound to find coupons for your favorite local places.

And it’s not just restaurants/grocery stores that offers deals on. You can also look for coupons in categories such as Hair/Nail/Spa to Apartments/Housing to Gyms/Fitness/Nutrition.

So what are you waiting for people! Go start printing some coupons!

Students’ Savings

This student is eating great and saving money!

James Madison University junior Lauren Delmerico spends time looking at coupons and sales before she goes out for groceries so she can get the best deals.

“I know that some stores have cheaper produce than others and I have bonus cards and coupons as well,” says Delmerico. “The other day I was able to get everything I needed (from three different stores) all for $16 and that was worth it.”

Delmerico says she goes to Martin’s Foods where she is a bonus card member and receives extra savings from them on certain purchases. She even adds up points with the card to save money on gas. Talk about a smart shopper!

Delmerico compares prices between Martin’s, Wal-Mart, and Food Lion and picks what she’s going to get at each one.

While most students choose to go the route of buying foods that are the cheapest and taste great, but aren’t necessarily good for us, there are students concerned about their diet and their wallet.

Rather than springing for the cheapest foods she can find like he typical college food staples of Ramen and Mac and Cheese, Lauren Delmerico buys fresh fruit and produce and doesn’t spend a fortune getting them.

It’s important for us broke college students to not only save our precious funds, but save our health by not overindulging in fatty andand carb-filled foods. Learn from super saver Lauren and get a Martin’s bonus card and keep your eye out for great deals on great food.

Staying sharp while you shop

It’s time to fix our love/hate relationship with grocery shopping.

You walk into any chain supermarket, and immediately you are hit with all the smells, colors, and advertisements. Pick me, buy me, it can be quite the overwhelming experience.  So what do we do? Grab the first thing we see, regardless of the price, and move on. Unfortunately, this can take its toll on our wallets.

Harrisonburg’s bargain food supplier, Sharp Shopper Grocery Outlet, takes a different, more affordable approach.  It’s a simple concept.  We all know that a day at the clothing outlets gets you more for your buck then a day at the local mall. The same applies for Sharp Shopper.

When you walk in, be sure to remember one of the golden rules- never judge a book by its cover.  The aisles consist of plain brown boxes and crates, but they’re filled with well-known brands all the way from Pepsi to an assortment of cereal must-haves.

I know, I know, you’re all thinking “What’s the catch?”

What Sharp Shopper does is offer products at retail that may have a wrong packaging label, have been overproduced, or have warehouse damage.  But hey, nothings perfect right? And they still offer quality at an affordable price, you just have to do the digging!

So why choose Sharp Shopper?  Not only is it conveniently located up the road on South Main Street (right behind Kline’s Dairy Bar, need I say more), but it really could make a difference in how much you spend grocery shopping.

Let’s take a look at a product any serial snacker is sure to have heard of: Wheat Thins.  You can use them for a mid-afternoon snack between classes or along side some healthy homemade dip at your next party.  But they too can get a bit pricey for such a simple snack.

If you travel over to Harrisonburg’s local Food Lion, you can run in and pick up a 10 oz bag of Wheat Thins for the okay price of $3.19. Not bad, not bad.  It sure beats the hefty $5.29 it would cost you for the exact same box at Mr. Chips located right on James Madison’s Campus. That goes to show that convenience is not always worth the cost.

And then there’s Sharp Shopper. One might not even expect to find Wheat Thins at a grocery ‘outlet’, but there they were steadily stocked when I went to the snack aisle.  On top of that, for the mere price of $2.99 you could get not one, but TWO boxes of Wheat Thins, with the expiration date still far away.

Sharp Shopper has it all. Drinks, paper products, produce, and the list goes on and on. One word to the wise though, be sure to check out the product dating (pdf) for each item. While many items are fresh and ready to go, you always want to double check, and Sharp Shopper encourages it as well.

So for your next grocery stock up, give a new place a try. Wheat Thins is among the many items you will be sure to save a few dollars on by switching to Sharp Shopper, and with this economy, we can use every cent!